Our Services

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  • We fly daily
  • We deliver to your door or you can pick up
Yacht provisioning: All provisions are managed with maximum care and efficiency.
36 Regular Hour Service
$1.55 Per Pound
Same Day Express Service
$3.00 Per Pound
Call for more information.
How does the regular service work?
  • Order your items online or over the phone with your selected seller.
  • Have the items delivered to our Ft Lauderdale address with an invoice and we will ship them to Nassau or the Family Islands. Remember to have your order shipped to the attention of: [Your Name]
Family Island Services

We offer shipping to Family Islands throughout The Bahamas. Call today for delivery schedules.

Please call for a quote today

How do I get the same day express service?
  • Contact 9-5 import in Nassau by phone or email info@9-5import.com
  • Packages must have an invoice on the inside and outside of the package
  • Ask for "express" and your package will receive the express service!
  • It costs extra but gets there in one day!
  • Packages must be pre-booked with the Nassau office by 10am
  • Packages must arrive at the Ft Lauderdale depot by 3pm to arrive in Nassau by next day!
We work with Ensuring smooth delivery of parcels
Purchasing service - general items
We charge 12% of the item price for purchasing items on your behalf.
  • Come to our office, call or email your order to our Nassau office.
  • 12% of the items value will be charged to you for the service. All items must be paid for in advance of using our purchasing service.
  • We need the address of the company you are purchasing from and a contact phone number.
  • We need the preferred payment method requested by the vendor; i.e. cash on delivery
Accepted payment methods for our purchasing services
  • We accept cash payments at our Nassau depot up to $300.
  • We accept Mastercard and Visa cards in person and over the phone
  • We accept money orders and no cheques are accepted
  • Direct Transfer :
    Royal Bank of Canada: Nine to Five Import
    Old Fort Branch: 057051054295
We transport fragile, precious and perishable items
  • This service requires express shipping
  • Fresh food - fruit, fish, meats
  • Flowers, Dogs big and small
Purchasing services car parts
  • Call or email the part you require with your vin number, car make and car model.
  • We will call you back with a price within 3 hours of your enquiry
  • We will give you two prices. The dealer price and the "after market price"