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Service with a Smile
Over 20 years ago we decided to invest in an idea to turn our small garage-based business into something more. Years later, this idea, with the addition of hard-work and perseverance, turned into a thriving business. Our committed staff and loyal customers have afforded us the opportunity to continue growing and expanding to include more innovative and fresh ideas. Today, we are still moving forward and are constantly looking to ensure we maintain the highest possible level of professionalism and convenience. We have grown from our small garage, and now ship out of our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse which enables us to take in an increased volume of packages to suit your needs. We have gone from 1 flight a week to 1 flight a day and during our busy season it can increase to 3 flights a day. Additionally, we have been able to expand our services to include pick-ups, deliveries, express shipping, and more!"
..."Service With a Smile" is not just a slogan to us. The smile comes naturally because we genuinely love what we do...
20+ Years of Experience
20,000+ Happy Customers
We count satisfied customers, not hours on the job. Whether at home in Nassau, or in Fort Lauderdale, we want to share our success by making your business thrive. We pride ourselves on flexibility and the willingness to listen to our clients. Have a need that is not being fulfilled? Share it with us. Together we will turn that need into an accomplishment. Contact us, ask questions, share your expectations. We are the extra hand that is willing to help. Big or small, we ship it all.
We work with Enthusiastic individuals working for extraordinary service
Meet our Management Team Although our home-based Nassau team started the company in a garage, our hard work and competitive spirit have made us the thriving, serious global presence we are today. As our business has evolved, we now have state of the art facilities to allow us to deliver efficient and satisfactory services. We will give you or your enterprise the same energetic, dedicated service that propels our own operation. Our Nassau team will always do its utmost to deliver your items to you in a timely, professional, friendly, competitive manner. Try us. You will like the results.
  • Colin Degregory Owner
  • Cleveland Lightbourne Operations Manager
  • Prescott Haven Office Manager
Meet our Management Team At our Fort Lauderdale location, we are proud to be supported by a dynamic, hard working, full customer service team and responsible, CDL certified drivers at your disposal. Reflecting the values of our Nassau operation, Lavonda, our team leader, knows that our clients expect personalized, dedicated service. She realizes that only the best service will keep our clients coming back for consistently superior results. Give her a call. She loves to hear your success stories and vows to help you achieve them.
  • Sean Ramsey US Manager
  • Eryn Moxey Assistant Manager
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