How it Works

Know how 9-5 Works
9-5 Import saves your purchasing experience from high shipping cost and late delivery. Now, it’s so easy to receive your package from Online or anywhere in the world without leaving the Bahamas or Nassau.
Order Online

Order your items online or over the phone with your selected seller. Save Invoice for later use if unable to assure that the shipper will send it.


Have the items delivered to our Ft Lauderdale address with an invoice and we will ship them to Nassau or the Family Islands. Remember to have your order shipped under your name.

Must have an Invoice

Packages must have an invoice on the inside and outside of the package. If the package doesn’t have the necessary invoices, you must provide us with one either through email or in-person. You can email the invoice to We highly recommend that you send us your invoice along with the tracking number to once the package has been delivered to our Florida location.

Next Day Express Shipping
  • Ask for "Express" and your package will receive the express service! It costs extra but gets there next day! Packages must be pre-booked with the Nassau office by 10:00 am and items must be delivered to the Ft Lauderdale warehouse by 3:00 pm to arrive in Nassau the following day.
  • Please note ‘Express” service packages are also available for pick-up items. You must inform the Nassau office by 10am so that our drivers are then able to pick it up promptly and ensure that it can be processed and sent on our first flight the next day.